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Raising the problem ...
  Why bother to invest in identity management?
  What is identity in IT terms?
  Can you trust electronic identity?
  Can effective identity management reduce your company's legal liability?
Resolving the issues ...
  Architecting an identity management framework.
  The business requirement for identity, authentication and assurance.
  Progressing standards for identity management.
  Controlling the risk and securing your intellectual property.
About the conference theme

Identity management is a convergence of technologies and business processes. There is no single approach to identity management because the strategy must reflect specific requirements within the business and technology context of each organization. It is critical therefore, that enterprises take an IT enterprise architecture approach to addressing their needs for identity management.

The Open Group is the leading consortium for architecture development methodology and is developing an extensive standards information base, technical reference model and resource base for IT enterprise architects to use as a reference material. A key area of activity within The Open Group is in the area of identity management. The information being developed is not only of benefit to IT enterprise architects but also to managers responsible for directing vendors engaged in identity management projects, to ensure an open-systems based solution which will avoid lock-in and unnecessary complexity.

This Open Group conference will spotlight the progress being made on enabling interoperable identity management solutions as part of The Open Group’s overall vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™. As well as looking at the roadmap of this activity, the conference will provide valuable information on the current thinking in identity management including the topics listed right.

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  Keynote Speaker: Jamie Lewis, CEO and Research Chair, Burton Group
  Keynote Speaker: Stuart McIrvine, Director of IBM Corporate Security Strategy
  Keynote Speaker: Dr. Gene Schultz, Principal Engineer, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  Conor Cahill, Liberty Alliance; Chief Architect, Platform Technologies & Architecture Group, AOL

Mary Dixon, Deputy Director, Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

  Patrick Gannon, President & CEO, OASIS
  Chris Greenslade, Frietuna Consultants Limited
  Ed Harrington, Data Access Technologies
  Jim Hosmer, Principal Architect, Chief Technology Office, Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Lockheed Martin
  John Mori, Vice President, IT Division, VISA USA
  Anthony Nadalin, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Security Architect, IBM
  Richard Paine, Advanced Computing Technologist, Boeing
  Rakesh Radhakrishnan, Enterprise IT Architect, Sun
  Ramaswamy Rangarajan, Principal Network Systems Designer, Sprint
  Gavenraj Sodhi, eTrust Brand Product Manager, Computer Associates International
  Justin Taylor, Chief Strategist, Digital Identity, Office of the CTO, Novell Inc.
  Fred Wettling, Chairman, Network Applications Consortium
  Ron Williams, Sr. Enterprise Architect, IBM Corporation
  Steve Zamek , Solutions Architect, Entrust
Key Concepts for architecting identity management
  Identity management and authentication
  Provisioning and related concepts
  Permissions management and authorization
  Directories and their roles
Business value of
identity management
The need to invest – why bother?
Identity and authentication 
Making informed choices
The business issues
Measures of value and cost/benefit assessment
Limiting legal liability
Technologies used for identity/ authentication
Identity management as a business control – the security perspective
Assessing risk
Creating and maintaining identity
Identity assurance levels
Verifying and authenticating identity
Granting and maintaining permissions and authorities
Suspending and reinstating accounts
Deregistering and deleting accounts
Monitoring and accountability
Auditing and appraisal
Identity management – the technical perspective
  What is identity in IT terms
  Technologies available
  Identity and authentication in system context
  Technologies used for identity/authentication

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