The Open Group Conference London 2011


Join us at The Open Group Conference, London, where speakers will focus on

• Enterprise Architecture, Business Transformation, and EA frameworks and tools
• Cybersecurity
• Cloud Computing /SOA
• IT skills certification including TOGAF™ 9

Evolving EA to Architect the Business

Enterprise Architecture Plenary
Monday, May 9th

Is modeling the enterprise as "IT and the business" perhaps overly simplistic? What is "the business" such that it has an architecture? What does a business architecture specify? Is the way the IT community thinks and talks about architecture appropriate for, or meaningful to, the business community? If not, how do we engage with the business community? Do architects from the IT community have the right skills and knowledge to architect the business? What skills and knowledge are necessary?

During the The Open Group Conference, London we will explore these questions in plenary sessions and more focused tracks.

Jericho Forum

Jericho Forum® Conference

The Critical Role of a Digital Identity Ecosystem to Improve Cybersecurity
(Security Plenary and Track)
Tuesday, May 10th

Effective management of identity at a global level is key to safe and secure use of ubiquitous computing in our global world, where national borders have little or no real meaning for the vast majority of messages winging their ways around our globe, and where enterprise business operations are increasingly multinational. We need a digital identity ecosystem that all can use. Such an ecosystem needs to enable every person to look after their digital identity so they can keep it safe, secure, and as private as they wish, using the personas or managing the specific relationships they choose to use.

Can we achieve this? Yes we can! Hear the answers at the Jericho Forum® security conference, part of The Open Group Conference, London, and which is open to all conference delegates.


Register - Chenai

The Business and Financial Impact of Cloud Computing

Wednesday, May 11th

Hear the latest ideas on how to build and measure ROI from Cloud Computing. Discuss the best practices and commonly-encountered issues for Cloud deployment. Gain an undertanding of the risks as well as the rewards from using the Cloud.


Monday May 9th – afternoon
• IT Professionalism and the Architecture Discipline
• EA as a Business Discipline
• EA and Business Strategy
• Cybersecurity and E-Crime

Tuesday May 10th – afternoon
• EA in Government
• EA in Banking and Finance
• Trusted Technology
• Service-Oriented Architecture
• Business Architecture
• Interoperability

Wednesday May 11th – all day
• The Financial Impact of Cloud Computing
• The Business Impact of Cloud Computing
• ArchiMate®
• TOGAF® 9
• EA Frameworks and Tools
• Architecture Standards and Frameworks
• Architecting the Cloud
• Securing the Cloud
• EA Agility
• TOGAF® Camp

Sponsorship / Exhibiting

Contact for more information on sponsoring the gala dinner event or the networking reception, or exhibiting at the conference.

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