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  Jericho Forum® Conference (Security plenary and track) — Tuesday May 10th    

Jericho Forum
The Critical Role of a Digital Identity Ecosystem to Improve Cybersecurity

Effective management of identity at a global level is key to safe and secure use of ubiquitous computing in our global world, where national borders have little or no real meaning for the vast majority of messages winging their ways around our globe, and where enterprise business operations are increasingly multinational. We need a digital identity ecosystem that all can use. Such an ecosystem needs to enable every person to look after their digital identity so they can keep it safe, secure, and as private as they wish, using the personas or managing the specific relationships they choose to use.

Can we achieve this? Yes we can! Hear the answers at the Jericho Forum security conference, which will run on Tuesday 10th May as part of The Open Group Conference, London, and is open to all conference delegates.

Topics for presentations:-

• The difficult questions to which a CISO needs answers
• Identity fit for enterprise business collaborations
• Identity fit for consumerization
• Why user and resource-centric identity?
• Jericho Forum Identity commandments: Principles for forging workable solutions
• Roles of government organizations and private enterprises in creating identity frameworks

Security Track: Cybersecurity and e-Crime
Monday, May 9 - afternoon

e-Crime is a hot topic across the globe; in our increasingly IT-enabled world, no nation is free from being targeted. We need to accept it is an international challenge, requiring a co-coordinated international program of cooperation to share latest detection forensics techniques, adopt consistent processes, and ensure the cybercriminal has no safe hiding place.

Topics for presentations:
- The state of computer forensics today
- Policies and procedures for investigating Cybercrime
- How to respond to Cybercrime at the national and international levels
- How improving regulatory methods reduce openings for Cybercrime

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