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  Wednesday, May 11th    

The Business and Financial Impact of Cloud Computing

There are very good reasons why enterprises will use Cloud Computing: timeliness, agility, resource optimization, cost, innovation, security, risk management, compliance, IT support and business continuity. It is no surprise, then, that Cloud Computing is a hot topic, with businesses everywhere considering whether this new technical development can be used to their commercial advantage.

Will your enterprise benefit from Cloud Computing? As with most technical developments, this depends on how you use it. Using the right technology in the right way, and at the right time, enables organizations to make cost savings and pursue new business opportunities - but an uninformed purchase of the latest technical toy can be an expensive mistake. The Enterprise Architect guides such decisions by developing a thorough understanding of the needs of the business, the concerns of the stakeholders, and the capabilities and limitations of the technology.

The Open Group Conference will bring together architecture practitioners and Cloud service providers to discuss how Cloud is and should be used by enterprises. It will feature presentations by thought leaders, case studies of Cloud Computing in use today, and panel discussions on the way forward. It is an ideal opportunity to absorb, discuss and assess the latest developments.

  • Cloud Security
  • Managing Risk from Cloud Computing
  • The Financial Argument for Cloud Computing
  • Auditing the Cloud
  • Architecting the Cloud


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