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Hear how HP executives see the future of the Adaptive Enterprise and what it could mean for your organization
Mark Potts, Hewlett-Packard’s chief architect for its Adaptive Enterprise, outlines how the HP vision enables flexibility and re-use in enterprise architectures and encompasses open standards.
The US does not have the infrastructure to meet the information demands of modern business!
Professor Alan McAdams, from Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management, details the serious inadequacies in the country’s telecommunications infrastructure and how a lack of strategy could leave the US at a global disadvantage.
Network Centric Operations: the future of defense information systems architectures

Douglas Barton, Lockheed Martin’s Director of Network Centric Programs, will examine the industry’s response to the information needs of the modern war-fighter.
"Tip" Slater, Deputy Director Strategic Architecture at Boeing, and Stephen James, EMC's Director of Strategic Programs will introduce the vision and mission of a new consortium created to address Network Centric Operations.

How has the health industry coped with the implementation of new business information infrastructures?
Elliot Stone, Director and CEO of the Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, leads a group of speakers who will detail working examples of the moves within the health industry to establish enterprise information strategies.
Security is critical to information flow within the enterprise
Steve Whitlock, Boeing’s IT Security Architect, and Nathaniel Borenstein, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Lotus Division and author of the MIME standard, focus upon some of the critical security threats to information retrieval and distribution.
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Who should attend ...
  CIOs, CTOs, & CSOs
  VPs of IT e-commerce
  Directors of Application Development
  Directors of Partner Relationships
  IT/IS Managers & Architects
  Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Managers
  Application & System Integrators
  Business Process Analysts
  Analysts & Consultants
  Vendors & Venture Capitalists



Featured Panel Discussion
Network Centric Operations
Information systems infrastructure and architecture initiatives in the defense field
Our speakers include ...
Keynote speaker:
Professor Alan McAdams
, Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management
Keynote speaker:
Mark Potts
, CTO, Strategy & Technology, Software Global Business Unit, Hewlett-Packard
Keynote speaker:
Richard C. Sturm
, President, Enterprise Management Associates
Douglas Barton, Director, Network Centric Programs, Lockheed Martin
Mike Ball, Director & General Manager, ApplicationXtender Product Business Unit, Documentum (a division of EMC²)
Tom Bishop, Chief Technology Officer, VIEO Corporation 
Nathaniel Borenstein, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Lotus Division; President, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Michael Brown, MD, CIO, Harvard University Health Services
Stephen James, Director of Strategic Programs, EMC
Larry Krantz, Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO, EMC²
Scott Ogawa, Chief Technology Officer, Children's Hospital Boston
Marshall (Tip) Slater, Deputy Director Strategic Architecture, Boeing
Elliot Stone, Executive Director and CEO, Massachusetts Health Data Consortium
Stephen T. Whitlock, IT Security Architect, The Boeing Company


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