Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference The Open Group

If these sessions are 'open' you are welcome to attend them, depending upon the conference pass you purchase see Fees.  If you do, please ensure that you indicate which ones you will be attending, in the Sessions section of the online registration form.

The UDEF in Depth (Tuesday, 09:00-12:00am)

UDEF Project Chair Ron Schuldt will present an in-depth training module on how to use the UDEF.

Semantics for Enterprise Architecture Workshop (Wednesday, 11:00-12:30pm)

Information Management and Semantics form the next big area in which middleware will take over functions traditionally performed by applications software. This will lead to big cost savings for enterprises - if they have the right architectures.

What will semantic products do?  How should an enterprise take advantage of them? These are hot topics for enterprise architects and for product designers.

The workshop will explore the incorporation of semantics into Enterprise Architecture in general, and TOGAF in particular.  It will look at the different viewpoints involved, at some basic reference models, and at the use of ontologies and controlled vocabularies. It will be facilitated by Chris Harding, The Open Group Forum Director for semantic interoperability, and will build on work done by Open Group members in the United States and in Europe.

The aim of this workshop, and of further work within The Open Group, will be to show how to produce enterprise architectures that make effective use of the semantic technologies that are now emerging.

The SOA Working Group (Thursday, 09:00-10:30am)

This open session of the SOA Working Group provides an overview of what is happening in SOA, and of the work of the group.  If you want to knowwhat The Open Group is doing about SOA, this is where to come!

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