The Open Group Conference - Rome 2010

EAPC Plenary: Business Architecture – Extending EA to the Enterprise

9:00 - 9:05

Allen Brown, President & CEO, The Open Group
Allen Brown
Allen Brown, is President and CEO of The Open Group.

The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through IT standards — it makes standards work.

9:05 - 9:45
Evolving Traditional Architecture To Business Centric Architecture
Making the leap from technology-centric architecture to business-centric architecture might be enterprise architects' biggest challenge yet. Business architecture is not simply another enterprise architecture (EA) view. It is an entirely different way to think about architecture with its own set of goals, processes, and deliverables. Though the shift to business technology will be difficult, the rewards will be great. Business architecture will provide the major vehicle for aligning IT capabilities with business outcomes. A well-defined business architecture will provide new business insights, uncover unseen opportunities, and guide business investments to where they deliver the most value. CIOs should direct their enterprise architects to sharpen their business skills, increase their business interactions, and develop their business architecture road map.

Richard Sawhney, Senior Advisor, Forrester Research
Richard SawhneyRichard is a Senior Advisor for the Enterprise Architecture Council within the Forrester Leadership Boards in EMEA. He works with Council members to solve their individual business issues around planning, organization, and technology decisions and brings together members with similar challenges. Richard has eight years of experience in analyzing IT strategy, governance, and investments.

Prior to joining Forrester, he was a consultant for EDS specializing in helping senior executives to optimize their IT/IS organizations in line with business objectives. He began his career in London as a business analyst, where he developed a solid understanding of issues and concerns that senior IT executives within global enterprises face. Richard then worked as a consultant on major outsourcing opportunities in Paris.

Richard holds a bachelor's degree in financial services and business studies from London Metropolitan University and is fluent in English, French, and Hindi.

9:45 - 9:50
Spotlight: SOA Workgroup


9:50 - 10:30
Architectures for Service Innovation
Modern day economies are increasingly service based. In this context, business innovation inevitably involves the innovation of services. The field of service science studies the design and implementation of services, covering several aspects ranging from business and economic motivations, to implementation and realisation of the services in terms of organisational processes and supporting/enabling IT. In this presentation we show how service innovation may benefit from an enterprise architecture approach, warranting a truly multi-perspective and enterprise-wide approach to service innovation.

This presentation also marks the start of a new research project, which will further investigate the relation between service innovation and enterprise architecture. This research project is expected to also provide several suggestions and opportunities for improvement, extensions and refinements to the existing ArchiMate and TOGAF standards.

Prof.dr. H.A. (Erik) Proper, Principal Consultant & Thought Leader, Capgemini Academy
Erik Proper Currently, Erik Proper is a principal consultant and thought leader in the field of Enterprise Engineering and Enterprise Architecture at the Capgemini Academy. At Capgemini he also leads the Dutch architecture service-line. He is also a Professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, where he heads up the Theories for Enterprise Engineering group.

On the 1th of May, Erik will return to his Academic roots. He will join the Public Research Centre Henri Tudor in Luxembourg, where he will lead the applied research program on architectures for service innovation. Erik is also co-founder and vice-chair of the ArchiMate forum of The Open Group and co-founder and boardmember of the Netherlands Architecture Forum (NAF).

10:30 - 11:00


11:00 - 11:05
Spotlight: Cloud Forum


11:05 - 11:45
Changing the Conversation – Becoming Business Relevant by Redefining Your Focus

Mike Rollings, Research Director Enterprise Architecture, Burton Group
Mike RollingsMike Rollings is the Research Director for Burton Group’s Enterprise Architecture coverage area and a member of the Executive Advisory Program. He covers strategic planning, enterprise architecture, IT portfolio management, IT governance and collaboration, and organizational change. He is also the co-chair of Penn State’s EA Professional Development advisory team.


11:45 - 11:50
Spotlight: Real-time & Embedded Systems Forum


11:50 - 12:25
"Business Architecture: Just Another IT-centric Idea?"

Len Fehskens, VP Skills and Capabilities, The Open Group
Len Fehskens
Len Fehskens is responsible for all activities relating to enterprise architecture architecture at The Open Group, including AOGEA, TOGAF and the Architecture Forum.

Prior to joining The Open Group, Len led the Worldwide Architecture Profession Office for HP Services at Hewlett-Packard. He majored in Computer Science at MIT, and has almost 40 years of experience in the IT business as both an individual contributor and a manager, within both product engineering and services business units.

12:25 - 12:30
Spotlight: Quantum Lifecycle Management


12:30 - 2:00


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