The Open Group Conference - Rome 2010

Archimate® Forum




Sunday 25th April

ArchiMate tutorial

Monica Czarnecki and Harmen van den Berg, BiZZdesign

Monday 26th April

ArchiMate Forum  spotlight

Harmen van den Berg, BiZZdesign

Wednesday 28th April

ArchiMate members meeting


•Roadmap review
•Certification progress review and forward planning
•ArchiMate future releases
•Marketing ArchiMate in 2010 at Open Group conferences
•Roadmap update & review

To be decided

Wednesday 28th April

ArchiMate – adding value to TOGAF

ArchiMate® is the open standard modelling language for Enterprise Architecture, maintained by The Open Group. Learn in this presentation about enterprise architecture and the core components of a complete EA approach. We focus on the common language for enterprise architecture, why this is a necessity and how it relates to TOGAF™. After explaining the most important concepts and relations, we will present various views which can be generated from the model repository based on a short case study. The presentation ends with real life examples and tips regarding the implementation of ArchiMate.

Harmen van den Berg, BiZZdesign

Wednesday 28th April

ArchiMate in Action: EA@Work@Boskalis

Since 2006 an ICT Programme called Venturi 2010 is executed within Boskalis. This programme is focused on implementing a new knowledge management platform. This platform will be realized based on new developments within the ICT: Enterprise Portals, Business Process Management and Business Intelligence. All of this, of course, following architecture guidelines.
The need for using an architecture role within this programme was acknowledged, but not implemented yet. The theoretical and scientific aspects of architecture were not popular and must not overwhelm the practical aspects, because, by its nature, Boskalis is a very operational organization. The architecture function was implemented in the programme but with one restriction: execute architecture very pragmatically.
In this presentation, I will give numerous examples of how Enterprise Architecture is executed pragmatically and how ArchiMate as modeling language is used.

Alexander den Hartog, Boskalis

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