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Cloud and SOA Work Groups Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The aims of the session were to:

  • Give an overview of the Cloud and SOA Work Groups, and how they operate
  • Discuss how members based in Taiwan and China can participate most effectively


There was some brief explanation of how the SOA and Cloud Work Groups operate, and how to become involved in their activities, but the main focus of the discussion was on how to enable members based in Taiwan and China to participate effectively.

The meeting discussed the barriers to participation, such as the impossibility of holding a teleconference at a time convenient for people all over the world. Activities should not rely on real-time discussion between participants in China, North America, and Europe, for this reason. Collaborative working can, however, progress through asynchronous development of materials, with decisions being taken by electronic voting.

However, the best option for collaborative working may be for each region to focus on a particular set of projects, which would have some overlap with projects in other regions, but be able to be pursued independently. Coordination between projects would be essential, but could take place on a weekly or monthly basis, rather than a daily basis.


This report is the only output of the meeting.

Next Steps

We will look to establish a Cloud Work Group project in which China and Taiwan will take the lead and do the bulk of the work, coordinating with related projects as appropriate.


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