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The Open Group Austin 2011
July 18-22, 2011

Objective of Meeting

The Open Group Conference Austin 2011 took place at the Four Seasons Hotel, Austin TX, USA.

The conference gathered to focus on the following:

  • World-Class Enterprise Architecture
  • Security in 2011: Threats to Cybersecurity, Security Management Challenges, and Transformational Opportunities
  • Business Impact of Cloud Computing


Each day of the three-day conference included a mix of plenary presentations, with industry leaders from near and far sharing their insights on the day’s theme; and a set of parallel tracks examining specific areas in depth. The various tracks delivered presentations by enterprise architecture professionals from both vendor and customer organizations; and provided experience-based insight into the approaches and methods that have proved most effective for developing architectures around the world.

The presentations can be accessed from the links below under separate daily headings:

The presentations referenced below are freely available only to members of The Open Group and conference attendees.

Monday July 18

PLENARY: World-Class Enterprise Architecture
PLENARY: Strategic View of Secure Computing in 2030
  • Strategic View of Secure Computing in 2030
    Moderated by Dave Lounsbury, CTO, The Open Group, with:
    James Stikeleather, Innovation Officer, Dell Systems
    Greg Akers, Senior VP, Research and Advanced Development, Cisco
    Steve Whitlock, Chief information Security Strategist, Boeing
  • Cybersecurity circa 2030
    James Stikeleather, Innovation Officer, Dell Systems
  • The Future of IT Security
    Greg Akers, Senior VP, Research and Advanced Development, Cisco
  • Threats and Countermeasures
    Steve Whitlock, Chief Information Security Strategist, Boeing
  • Strategic View of Secure Computing in 2030 (continued)
    Moderated by Dave Lounsbury, CTO, The Open Group, with:
    Susan Alexander, Chief Strategist, Information Assurance Directorate, NSA
    Edna Conway, Chief Security Strategist, Global Value Chain, Cisco
  • High Assurance for Commercial Applications
    Jon Stevenson, Senior VP Product Strategy, VeraCode
    Donna Durkin, CISO, ComputerShare
  • The Cost of Being Compliant
    Larry Ponemon, PhD, Chairman and Founder, CIPP
World-Class EA Workshop
  • WORKSHOP: World Class EA
    Chris Forde, VP Enterprise Architecture and Membership Capabilities, The Open Group
    Peter Haviland, Head of Architecture (Americas), Technology Advisory, Ernst & Young LLC
  • Big Opportunities in Big Data
    Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester
EA and Business Transformation
EA and Business Strategy
Professionalizing the Discipline of EA
Nature and Role of the Enterprise Architect
Data and Information Management


Tuesday July 19

PLENARY: Security Management Challenges and Transformational Opportunities
Architectural View of Security for the Cloud
Security Architecture
Digital Identity
Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture Building Blocks
    Kevin Daley, Chief Architect, Business Architecture, Industry Asset Solutions, Global Innovation and Technology Group, IBM
    Dave van Gelder, Global Architect, Capgemini
  • Business Architecture: How to Get Started
    Gail Wright, Senior Director, Business Architecture Program, Oracle
    Peter Haviland, Head of Architecture (Americas), Technology Advisory, Ernst & Young LLC
  • Who is the Business Architect?
    Erik Proper, Centre of Research, Public Henri Tudor
    Mieke Mahakena, Capgemini

Data Quality & Semantic Interoperability
  • WORKSHOP: Using TOGAF® to Define and Govern Service-Oriented Architectures
    Steve Bennett, Oracle
    Ed Harrington, Achitecting the Enterprise
    Dave Hornford, Connexiam [PDF]
  • Realizing SOAs and the Role of The Open Group SOA Reference Architecture
    Ali Arsanjani, Distinguished Engineer, CTO Business Performance & Service Optimization, IBM
    Nikhil Kumar, AppTSi
  • PANEL: Architecting SOA
    Moderated by Chris Harding, Forum Director for SOA, The Open Group, with:
    Ali Arsanjani, IBM
    Steve Bennett, Oracle
    Ed Harrington, Architecting the Enteprise
    Dave Hornford, Connexiam
    Nikhil Kumar, AppTSi

Wednesday July 20

Cloud Roadmap & Strategy (Hosted by Leonardo Ramirez, Director, Dux Diligens, Colombia)
Cloud Architecture (Hosted by Bala Prasad Peddigari, Enterprise Architecture Practice Leader, Banking & Financial Services, Tata Consultancy Services)
Cloud Deployment (Hosted by Michael Williams, Solution Architect, Cisco Systems)
Cloud and the Enterprise (Hosted by Chris Harding, Forum Director for Cloud Computing, The Open Group)
  • Cloud Strategy Workshop
    Nitin Keskar, Principal Enterprise Architect, Cisco Systems
  • PANEL SESSION: The Impact of Cloud on the Enterprise
    Moderated by Chris Harding, Forum Director for Cloud Computing, The Open Group, with:
    Gurvinder Ahluwalia, CTO Strategic Enterprise Initiatives, Private Cloud, IBM
    Jonathan Gibson, Enterprise Architect, HP
    TJ Virdi, Enterprise Computing Architect, The Boeing Company
EA Frameworks & Tools
Agile Business Architecture
Holistic EA
Aligning IT and Business
EA Program Management
TOGAF® 9 Case Studies

TOGAF® Camp is an unconference where adopters of TOGAF meet and discuss whatever subjects concerning TOGAF are on their minds, exchange ideas, share experiences, challenges, and solutions. At TOGAF® Camp, you are encouraged to share your thoughts in several open unstructured discussions.


The presentations, tutorials, and workshops at the meeting, and the associated discussions and panel sessions, all provided participants with a wealth of experience-based insight into current best practice in architecture, security, and cloud computing, from leading experts and practitioners around the world.

Next Steps

The next Enterprise Architecture Practitioners' Conference will be held in Taipei, Taiwan, October 24-25, 2011.

If you are interested in presenting at future Open Group Conferences, then please submit a Presentation Proposal.


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