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SOA Work Group

Objective of Meeting

The Open Group SOA Work Group exists to develop and foster common understanding of SOA in order to facilitate alignment between the business and information technology communities.

The Work Group has over 400 participants from more than 70 companies. They are currently working on four projects. Most of the work is conducted by web collaboration and teleconference. This meeting provided an opportunity for some of the members to meet face-to-face to progress one of the projects: Legacy Evolution to SOA.


Companies in all industries and of all sizes have expressed a growing need for migrating their existing application assets into new architectures guided by SOA concepts. The rationale is based on:

  • Financial considerations (protecting investments, leveraging existing assets)
  • Employee skill migrations (rather than replacing people)
  • Stability (retaining operational software benefits)
  • Evolutionary renewal (enabling new and emerging technologies)

The Legacy Evolution to SOA project is developing an Open Group Guide to Evolving Legacy Systems to SOA.

The meeting reviewed the current draft, discussed its relation to the SOA/TOGAF Practical Guide, security aspects, and the role of modeling tools, and made detailed technical and editorial changes.


A new draft of the Guide resulted from the meeting, in addition to this report, and the meeting minutes (available to members).

Next Steps

The project will continue to review drafts and develop the Guide.


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