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ArchiMate® Forum

Objective of Meeting

The aim of the meetings was progression of the work of the ArchiMate Forum.


The ArchiMate Forum’s Austin member meeting was held on Tuesday July 19, 2011 in conjunction with The Open Group Austin Conference and Members' Meetings. Separate meetings were also held to progress issue resolution on the ArchiMate 2.0 company review and development of the ArchiMate certification program.

There were seven voting members attending the member meeting.  Four were present and three attended via WebEx.

The Forum Chair presented an update on the status of the Forum including the roadmap. The current areas with activity are ArchiMate specification review, development of a certification program, reference model development for the insurance industry, and collaboration with the Architecture Forum related to harmonizing the Architecture Content Framework.  It was agreed that the UML mapping for ArchiMate needs to be resourced and that the organization who proposed the work item should be approached.

The Insurance Industry Reference Model project provided a status report. A planning teleconference will be held on August 11 to shape initial efforts.

Progress of the joint activity with the Architecture Forum to harmonize the Architecture Content Framework was reviewed. The White Paper with a detailed comparison of the TOGAF ACF and ArchiMate is nearing completion and is expected to go for a review soon.  It was agreed that the next steps need to be determined.

The ArchiMate 2.0 company review issue resolution meeting reviewed 214 change requests and finalized proposed resolutions. The issue resolution meeting also reviewed liaison comments from the ISO/IEC 40210 Project Editor and will make additional changes as a result. It was agreed that due to the amount of changes arising a second draft will be prepared and a recirculation company review held. This second draft will be under narrowing down rules, so items not changed as a result of the first review will be considered stable.

The ArchiMate 2.0 Certification meeting reviewed progress of development of the program that addresses People certification, training courses, and tools certification.  Drafts of the key program documentation are now complete and ready to pass to The Open Group technical editor. As there is a dependency on the ArchiMate 2.0 specification, the company review of the certification documents will be held after the recirculation review of the specification has commenced.  The examination development is on the critical path and it was agreed that steps will be taken to commence this in August.


This summary, the Action Items, Consent Items, Issues List, and the detailed minutes available to members are the outputs of the meeting (available to members only here). Other materials from the meeting are in the Austin 2011 Materials area of the ArchiMate Forum members' site (available to members only here).

Next Steps

The Forum is scheduled to continue the resolution of the Change Requests, and continue to progress the certification work. Logistics for the meetings will be available in the ArchiMate Forum calendar.


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