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Secure Computing in 2030

Objective of Meeting

The objective for this Monday plenary track was to provide participants with a thought provoking idea of what secure computing and product integrity might look like in the future and what we need to consider today in order to prepare for that. 

This Monday plenary track was sponsored by the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum, and made possible through the efforts of Joe Bergmann, the Real-time and Embedded Systems Forum Director.


There were presentations from some of industry’s most esteemed organizations and individuals in the areas of cybersecurity and supply chain integrity.  Presentations were coupled with excellent interactive panel sessions, moderated by David Lounsbury, CTO,The Open Group, which provided valuable insight into challenging questions from the audience.


The referenced presentations were the primary output.

Next Steps

Further RT&ES-sponsored tracks will be scheduled at future Open Group conferences as opportunity arises.


See above.

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