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Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF)

Objective of Meeting

There were two objectives for the Monday sessions: increase awareness and reinforce understanding of the OTTF objectives by providing a brief overview of the OTTF and to continue work on the Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) Best Practices.


The first session on Monday provided a brief overview of OTTF, including a look at the vision, mission, objectives, deliverables, and the structure of the Forum committees and work streams, illustrating how each of the groups contributes to meeting the Forum objectives.

Overview of the OTTF: The OTTF is an international Forum of industry and government working together to increase trust in the global technology supply chain. To achieve this, the OTTF is driving the development and adoption of global best practices for technology providers’ engineering development, and supply chain security methods.

The OTTF intends to develop and provide the following deliverables:

  • The Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) White Paper
  • Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) Best Practices
  • The O-TTPF Best Practices and Conformance Criteria
  • Additional White Papers that provide guidance for developing trusted technology
  • Standards harmonization with O-TTPF best practices and other industry standards
  • Global government outreach related to technology supply chain integrity
  • A program to accredit vendors against the O-TTPF
  • Partnerships with international standards bodies to help guide the development of practical standards, policies, and best practices for securing the global technology supply chain

The Overview Presentation of the OTTF can be found here.

The remaining member meeting sessions on Monday were dedicated to evolving the O-TTPF Best Practices.

The O-TTPF provides a framework for identifying best practices for trusted technology providers and products in the global supply chain. The framework is intended to benefit technology buyers across all industries concerned with secure development practices and supply chain integrity.

The best practices under development are based on The Open Trusted Technology Provider Framework (O-TTPF) White Paper.  The White Paper was published in February 2011, and it identifies a framework of secure engineering and supply chain integrity practices that can distinguish trusted technology providers and fosters a secure and sustainable global supply chain.

The areas of best practices that are covered in the O-TTPF are:

  • Engineering Development Methods
  • Secure Development Methods
  • Supply Chain Integrity Methods
  • Evaluation Methods.

The latest version of the O-TTPF Best Practices, which is currently in DRAFT form, is only accessible by members of the OTTF until the point where it is subjected to The Open Group Review and Approval Process.


The O-TTPF was reviewed and evolved throughout the conference week, producing a next version of the O-TTPF Best Practices.

Next Steps

The O-TTPF work stream will continue to conduct weekly web conferences and in addition will be conducting a half-day session on May 20th.


See above.

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