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IT Architecture Practitioners' Conference - Cape Town 


The Open Group IT Architecture Practitioners' Conferences are organized by architecture practitioners, for architecture practitioners, and for those directly involved in the management and oversight of IT Architecture. They are conferences about best practice in IT Architecture today, with Open Group members and non-members alike coming  together to share insights and perspectives on how to improve the practice and profession of IT Architecture.

Held for the first time in the southern hemisphere, and hosted by The Open Group in association with its representative in South Africa, Real IRM, this IT Architecture Practitioners' Conference addressed some of the key issues and challenges that face IT Architects today, with particular emphasis on the domain of Enterprise Architecture. 


The event attracted a truly international line-up of speakers and participants. Besides providing experience-based insight into the approaches that have proven effective in developing enterprise architectures around the world, the Cape Town event additionally included a number of excellent case studies of leading work in the EA field by South African organizations.  

The conference followed a highly practical, hands-on approach, combining presentations and discussions on best practices with workshops, case study reviews and demonstrations of the latest tools. 

The agenda for this Architecture Practitioners' Conference covered 33 individual sessions, structured into 10 streams over three days. The event provided a wealth of current case study and tutorial material, summarized below.

The presentations referenced below are freely available only to members of The Open Group and conference attendees.

Day 1: Tutorial - Introduction to TOGAF

The main body of the conference was prefaced by an excellent tutorial on the TOGAF framework by Mike Lambert, Fellow of The Open Group. 

The Open Group's Architecture Forum has been active for over a decade, developing and making freely available the TOGAF architecture framework and methodology. TOGAF is today accepted and used world-wide as a genuinely open framework and method for enterprise architecture. 

This tutorial by Mike Lambert described what the The Open Group Architecture Forum has achieved so far with the development of TOGAF, and its plans for future development of TOGAF, and explained the key role that TOGAF plays as a truly vendor-neutral and technology-neutral framework for Enterprise Architecture.

Day 2: Conference Plenary

The conference plenary had a dual role of giving participants an update on The Open Group's activities, both in Architecture and in wider fields; and of showcasing a number of excellent case studies on the leading work done by South African organizations in the EA field. 

Day 3: Parallel Streams 

The final day of the conference saw a number of different streams running in two parallel tracks, which provided a forum for Architects from different countries and many different industry sectors to share experiences, discuss best practice in Architecture, find new ways to solve problems, and learn from each other.

STREAM #1: Enterprise Architecture Development STREAM #2: Business and Information Architecture STREAM #3: Enterprise Architecture and Governance STREAM #4: Key Issues in Enterprise Architecture Tools STREAM #5: Secure Messaging Architecture  STREAM #6: Enterprise Architecture Case Studies STREAM #7: Key Issues in Enterprise Architecture Tools STREAM #8: Service Oriented Architectures


This Seventh IT Architecture Practitioners Conference at Cape Town was a tremendous success, confirming the global need for this unique event.

  • Interested in joining The Open Group Architecture Forum, and participating in the regular meetings hosted in South Africa by Real IRM? Contact Stuart Macgregor for further information.

The next IT Architecture Practitioners' Conference will be held in Miami, Florida, 5-7 March 2006.

  • Interested in presenting or participating at future IT Architecture Practitioners' Conferences? Contact John Spencer, Director of The Open Group Architecture Forum.

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All the presentations are available to conference participants and to  members of The Open Group.



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