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  Selvyn Wright, Director and Principal Trainer, Celestial Consulting    

Selvyn WrightSelvyn has been involved in the development of IT systems for various industry sectors such as telecoms, transport, medical, service based and real-time embedded for over 23 years. During the last 13 years he has worked as a private consultant trainer, designer and advisor for many companies in the above listed sectors as well as other diverse sectors.

His specialist area is OO modelling using the UML. Selvyn has successfully used UML to model small and large scale systems, as an analysis, design and architecture tool. Selvyn believes that the UML is an effective and comprehensive tool for modelling most systems. If the UML cannot model a requirement he is confident that it contains concepts and tools that can be exploited to meet specialist requirements.



Competencies, Tools and Languages
Language is the basis for all communications around the world.  For a language to be effective, it must be consistent, well-defined and extensible.  Models utilise language to express complex requirements and solutions.  This session examines the variety of models in use on a daily basis by other industries, the struggle to come to a consistent language by some industries and what we can learn from these struggles.  The talk will centre on an individual’s ability to conceptualise in order to build effective models, moving away from instance-based models to conceptual models and then moving to meta-models and further afield.  The session will also highlight how language can affect the way in which people think.

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