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  Tony Willis, Gartner    

Tony WillisTony Willis is a Senior Consultant with Gartner Africa. Tony has more than 20 years of experience in the global IT industry. He has held a number of roles in IT and Financial Services companies and is well known as an authority on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). He frequently speaks at local and international events and is often quoted in the IT press. His primary areas of expertise are Enterprise Architecture, Application Architecture, SOA and Integration technology. Tony holds postgraduate qualifications in Information Technology obtained at the University of Cape Town.


The Enterprise Architect: A blend of Skills and Talents
Gartner has identified that the most successful Enterprise Architects utilize not only skills that can be learned, but innate talents that are difficult or impossible to learn. This presentation looks at the skills required, talents identified and combinations of these that should be considered when identifying both Enterprise Architects and other architect roles in an organisation.

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