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  Peter Waugh, Enterprise Architect, Jurumani Solutions (Pty) Ltd    

Peter WaughPeter has formal business training (MBA), is a certified TOGAF IT Architect and has extensive experience in Business Consulting, Enterprise and IT Architecture, Organizational- and Change Management, Education, Training and Development (ETD), IT and Management systems implementation and Mergers and Acquisitions. He operated at executive and senior management levels in the Defense-, Mining-, Retail- and Telecommunications sectors.   He contributed to a book on Organisational Development and Transformation and participates in various industry forums.  He brings an understanding of and appreciation for business or organizational needs, goals and objectives, and can assess the value of information technology in terms of the returns they generate and the opportunities they enable.

He has been contracting to a local and international Telecommunication providers for the past 8 years and is currently employed as a Lead Architect for a South African mobile operator



How to adapt your EA delivery to the organisational culture
Any EA effort can only succeed when the target organisation’s culture and climate is consciously incorporated in the design, development, deployment, integration and management of the architecture effort. This presentation compares the impact of leadership styles on the organisational climate and culture and subsequently on the execution of the Architecture Development Method during engagements. Industry examples will be discussed in the context of a typical Architecture Practice, its methods and procedures and the changes that were required.

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