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  Marné de Vries, UP    

Marne de VriesIn 1995, Marné graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering. She then joined a management consulting company and worked as a consultant for seven-and-a-half years. During these years she worked as a Business and Systems Analyst where she was involved in various projects. These included: facility layout; business process engineering and procedure development; and analysis, design, testing and implementation of various systems (maintenance / decision-support / document management / bespoke).

In 2003 she joined the University of Pretoria, becoming a lecturer on Engineering Statistics, Information Systems Design and Enterprise Architecture. She also pursued her post-graduate studies in order to obtain a masters degree in Industrial Engineering. Her dissertation proposed an integrated process improvement and knowledge management maturity model for management consultancy organisations. She is currently doing research on using strategy and business architecture to drive EA efforts.


Evaluating and Refining the "EA as Strategy" Approach and Artefacts
Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a new discipline that has emerged from the need to create a holistic view of an enterprise, and thereby to discover business/IT integration and alignment opportunities across enterprise structures. Previous EA value propositions that merely focus on IT cost reductions will no longer convince management to invest in EA. Today, EA should enable business strategy in the organisation to create value. This enablement resides in the ability to do enterprise optimisation through process standardisation and integration. In order to do this, a new approach is required to integrate EA into the strategy planning process of the organisation.

This presentation explores the use of three key artefacts - operating models, core diagrams and an operating maturity assessment as defined by Ross, Weill & Robertson - as the basis of this new approach. Action research is applied to a research group to obtain qualitative feedback on the practicality of the artefacts

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