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  Adriaan Vorster, Chief Information Officer, University of Johannesburg    

Adriaan VorsterAdriaan Vorster is an old fashioned analog electrical systems engineer currently employed at the University of Johannesburg as the Chief Information Officer. He has spent much of his life solving complex engineering problems before entering the information systems field in 1991. He has designed, written, implemented and life cycle managed information systems for use in tertiary education and industry and has been a consultant to the mining industry for a number of years, specializing in enterprise architectures. He has contributed to international and local conferences and has published on the use of the Zachman Framework in mine planning. He has a masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from RAU and a post graduate certificate in Data Resource Management from the University of Washington, Seattle. He actively studies, teaches and consults and his current interests include enterprise architectures and the study of complexity and chaos theory



Zachman Framework
Information systems, as critical business process enablers, are increasingly being relied upon to provide answers instead of merely processing data. Internationally the reliance on technology alone to deliver benefits has been replaced with a deeper understanding of the complexities and interdependencies inherent to supporting the modern enterprise. The life cycle management of the information systems domain is replacing earlier attempts that focussed on isolated pieces of the whole and invariably led to the fragmentation of the enterprise.

The current presentation focuses on the universal laws governing information systems and presents the Zachman Framework as an eminently suitable analytical tool. The TOGAF ADM is presented as a robust implementation methodology, addressing the common criticism that the Zachman Framework is a mere theoretical abstraction with limited real world utility

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