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  Dr Antonie van Rensburg, Dept of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Univ of Pretoria    

Antonie van RensburgAntonie van Rensburg obtained his Phd (Industrial Engineering) in 1996 at the Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Pretoria. In the past 15 years he has consulted to more than fifty international and local companies in the disciplines of Enterprise Architecture, Business Engineering and process optimization.

In addition to consulting, he has presented and delivered 40 journal articles and conference papers on the abovementioned subject areas. He is currently acting head of the department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Pretoria.



The Art and Science of Business Architectures
This presentation outlines fundamental principles to address in the application of business and enterprise architectures. The author deems this necessary as practical experience shows that business typically questions the value contributed by Enterprise Architecture departments over time. Whether this is warranted or merely a perception requires a fundamental analysis of the use and application of Enterprise Architectures to achieve business benefit. This presentation is intended to focus on understanding the patterns of an architecture, conceptual models for architecture development, as well as a number of fundamental modelling principles used in creating the architecture.

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