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  Albert Truter, Portfolio Manager, Gijima AST    

#Albert Truter is the Portfolio Manager for IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture at GijimaAst. He has a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of the ICT sector where he has been working for the past seven years.

Albert has a Masters Degree in Information Technology (M.IT) from the University of Pretoria and he is a Certified TOGAF 8 Practitioner.

Albert has been responsible for multiple IT Strategy, Governance Architecture, Business Process and Information Management projects where Enterprise Architecture Planning tools and techniques were used. Albert was responsible for coordinating and managing the efforts to establish and maintain the ICT Architecture for the DOD during 2001 to 2003.



Using an EA Framework to Address Business and Systems for Local and National Government
GijimaAst has developed an Enterprise Architecture Framework and Methodology based on recognised EA frameworks and a theoretical basis. GijimaAst use this framework to assist our clients with analysing, defining and maintaining their Enterprise Architectures. GijimaAst creates the golden thread from the business strategy through to information systems and technology, using Casewise - Corporate Modeler.

GijimaAst creates and maintains the interrelationship between the Business Architecture (including Governance, Strategy, Organisation and Process) and the Systems Architecture (including Information, Applications, Technology) necessary to realise the business drive and manage the evolution of the enterprise in response to a changing business environment.

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