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  Annalie Terblanche, Business Architect, SDT    

#Annalie is a business architect at SDT Financial Software Solutions who specialises in administration systems for insurance companies in the life insurance, employee benefits and group risk industries.  She has 7 years experience in an OO software environment with more than 5 years experience in the insurance industry. She has extensive knowledge of life insurance, as well as employee benefits industries.

She holds a B. Sc Fin (Mathematical Science) degree, a diploma in business analysis and is a TOGAF certified architect.


Benefits of having an architecture framework when implementing life assurance systems
Simply replacing one administration system with another does not add value to a business.  SDT is in the process of developing an architecture framework for the insurance industry to be used for system development and implementation.  We need to develop an alternative approach for the insurance sector, one which removes the duplications, bottlenecks and redundancies first. The level of standardisation and integration should be determined in line with the client’s business strategy.  All processes should first be aligned with this framework and the system, and then implemented.  This approach will yield the greatest long-term benefits.

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