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  Pieter Smit, Consultant, Letsema Consulting and Advisory (Pty) Ltd    

Pieter SmitAs a consultant in Letsema's EA division, Pieter has diverse IT knowledge and experience as well as a keen passion for business. He has been involved in various IT projects with roles ranging from technical developer to end-user support and then to project leader. Pieter has a good foundation and a solid understanding of integration environments. He is involved in compiling the syllabus for the internal TOGAF EA certification program. He is acquainted with the TOGAF framework and other methodologies like the Zachman framework, GEAR etc.

Pieter completed his degree from the University of Pretoria, and included business management and psychology as additional subjects.He holds a B.SC. degree in IT and is a certified Micro-Strategy Engineer.



Using Integration Maturity as a Guideline when Deciding to Implement SOA
Drawing on his experience in logistics, Pieter will present some key measures that determine the level of maturity of some of the integration models applied within organizations. He will also focus on some of the key performance indicators and describe how they measure integration success.

Pieter will then provide some guidelines based on their use of TOGAF and The Open Group SOA Working Group whitepaper as architectural approaches to the way they plan and implement integration solutions that are appropriate to an organisation's maturity. This approach will highlight the feasibility of using SOA.

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