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  Sankaran Prithviraj, Satyam Computer Services Limited    

Sankaran Prithviraj Sankaran Prithviraj has been practicing architect since 1993. He has architected several solutions for fortune-100s and state governments.

His consulting experience includes business IT alignment, enterprise application integration architecture, service oriented architecture, and enterprise architecture. Sankaran is passionate about architecture and has particular interest in EA frameworks and methodologies, process modeling tools, and model-driven architecture for architecting systems that include multiple technologies.

Between 1985 and 1999, Sankaran published several papers on CAD for VLSI, an in-house journal of the consulting company for which he worked. He has also innovated a few graphic algorithms and techniques to send high information content in narrow band width channels through a novel compression technique.

Sankaran has four degrees in five facets of Engineering and Science from the top universities in India. He has worked in IT industry for 25 years during which time he has developed and delivered many systems, and consulted to many IT companies.

Sankaran is working as Principal Architect and Solution Consultant for Satyam Computer Services Limited ( He can be reached at


"Cross Dissolve" Method for EA Implementation
The `Cross Dissolve' method is an approach used in situations where a corporate-wide mandate for EA implementation is not easy to obtain. The reasons may include the initial effort required, doubts about the return on investment, difficulty in educating enterprise, a great geographical spread, and low levels of acceptance. Instead of a "big-bang" approach, the presenter advises organizations to adopt EA in one area at a time. The benefits obtained can then be leveraged to spread the EA practice throughout the organization.

The `Cross Dissolve' method customizes the ADM at the beginning of each of the first few projects based on the constraints on the EA implementation. In each project the customization increases to include more of the ADM phases until one has reached the ideal situation. This ideal then becomes the corporate standard. The presenter named this process `Cross Dissolve' in reference to the animation technique where pixels appear on the screen one-by-one until the picture is completed. In the same way the various blocks in a typical EA framework begin to emerge and finally create complete picture.

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