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  Shannon Naidoo, Chief Integration Architect, Eskom    

#Shannon Naidoo is the Chief Integration Architect as well as the current Enterprise Architecture Manager for the Information Management department in the Distribution Division of Eskom. He has been with Eskom for 10 years with experience in Engineering, Customer Services and Information Management. He has been involved in IM in strategy creation and project execution in areas of GIS, SCADA and Control, Work Management, CRM & Billing and Integration. He has also been driving the maturation and growth of the Enterprise Architecture function with specific focuses on building and sustaining competency in this area.




Building and Executing and Integration Strategy in Eskom Distribution
This is a brief history of the Integration Approach in Eskom Distribution covering organisational challenges and strategy as well as the subsequent evolution of the Enterprise Architecture function. Building and executing an EAI strategy has had consequent impacts on all aspects of the organisation. For an organisation with a reasonably mature level of process adoption, the embedment of the technology and its role in achieving business success was a struggle with many unintended benefits being realised. Assessing this with hindsight, extremely valuable insights have been gained which have been used to strengthen the overall divisional business which subsequently led to the Enterprise Architecture function becoming more agile to respond to the new demands of a divisional business strategy keen on extracting the benefits achieved previously.

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