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  Graham McLeod, Founding Partner, Inspired; and CTO, Promis Solutions AG    

Graham McLeodGraham McLeod is widely recognized as a thought leader in the Enterprise Architecture space. He has been delivering EA benefits in organizations via consulting, training, models, methods and frameworks since 1990. He has taught strategy, enterprise architecture, process modeling, system delivery techniques and project management to hundreds of practitioners while at Comcon, Q Data, University of Cape Town and Inspired. He is the author of the extremely comprehensive Inspired Enterprise Architecture frameworks (1994 to present) and the architect of the Archi/EA Webmodeler tool recognised by the Association of Enterprise Architects, Gartner and Forrester as one of the leading tools worldwide. He was recently appointed CTO and chief architect of Promis Solutions AG group in Switzerland. Promis Solutions is a leading European provider of EA and Process tools and services. Graham has spoken at previous Open Group Conferences in Ireland and Cape Town, as well as at IRM Conferences in the UK. He is a certified TOGAF Architect and trainer. He has personally been involved in the strategy and EA efforts of over 20 major organizations worldwide including assurance, retail, banking, telecommunications, information technology, energy, healthcare, education, government and hospitality. He has authored several books and consults at board level via Inspired, Promis and Gartner.



The fundamental importance of an integrated meta model to EA success
Graham will be discussing the fundamental importance and role of comprehensive meta models in supporting frameworks for EA, including Zachman, DODAF, TOGAF and IAF. He will discuss this against the background of implementing multiple concurrent frameworks and architecture notations sharing a single repository and meta model. He will relate the experience of Inspired in extending its meta models to support multiple frameworks (especially TOGAF) as well as notations (including TOGAF viewpoints and Archimate). He will show how the meta model is the unifying force to unite the perspectives of business and IT as well as to manage architecture at the conceptual, logical and physical levels. Finally, he shows how user extensibility can allow the support of advanced uses such as integration of risk management, quality management and governance elements (such as controls, cost and responibility).

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