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  Craig Martin, Knotion Consulting    

In 2002, Mr Martin started SiloFx Enterprise Architecture Solutions, a niche consulting firm in the discipline of enterprise architecture and integration. The company grew from a small architecture firm to become one of the stronger local Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration (eAI) companies.

In 2005, the architecture and product division were split off and rebranded as Knotion Consulting.

During 2006/7, Mr Martin also developed the Osilio brand. The company was expanded into a front company for 20 partners and bills small and large projects through the Osilio brand utilising the partners to deliver.
The core focus of this company was to expand the SOA and EAI presence around specific toolsets - IBM Websphere and Rational Pillars - as well as SOA ESB Solutions such as Fiorano and Biztalk. The solution offering for Osilio expanded into BPM, ERP and Supply Chain Management projects as well.

Currently, Mr Martin’s primary responsibility is the management and growth of Knotion Consulting, however due to the nature of small business he is involved in the delivery on a number of his projects. These projects vary from software architecture and development to enterprise architecture and SOA.



When EA Meets SOI
There are many similarities between how we approach an EA project and an SOA / SOI project. Fundamentally SOA/SOI cannot exist without a suitable EA in place. What are the similarities that can be harnessed to build sustainable solutions in the business and what changes are occurring in this space that we as architects must be more aware of.

Key takeaways:-

  1. What are the synergies in thinking between the EA space and the SOI space
  2. How do I enable my SOI projects without doing a complete EA
  3. How can I overcome some of the SOI pitfalls by using a suitable EA delivery method

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