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  Stuart Macgregor, CEO, Real IRM    

#Stuart Macgregor is the Chief Executive of the South African company, Real IRM Solutions. Through his personal achievements, he has gained the reputation of an Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance specialist, both in South Africa and internationally.

Macgregor participated in the development of the Microsoft Enterprise Computing Roadmap in Seattle. He was then invited by John Zachman to Scottsdale Arizona to present a paper on using the Zachman framework to implement ERP systems. In addition, Macgregor was selected as a member of both the SAP AG Global Customer Council for Knowledge Management, and of the panel that developed COBIT 3rd Edition Management Guidelines. He has also assisted a global Life Sciences manufacturer to define their IT Governance framework, a major financial institution to define their global, regional and local IT organizational designs and strategy. He was also selected as a core member of the team that developed the South African Breweries (SABMiller) plc global IT strategy (

Stuart is part of the core Open Group team developing the TOGAF™ standard for Enterprise Architecture. He is also assisting the IT Governance Institute ( ) map CobiT 4.0 to TOGAF™.



Back to the Future – EA Directions
The face of enterprise architecture (EA) is changing. It is shifting from EA for IT or detailed blueprints of systems, data and technology to the architecture of the enterprise. The role of the enterprise architect is becoming more strategic, driving the fusion between business and technology and shaping the strategic opportunities to which a company can respond in the future. But be warned - Gartner (2007) predicts that through 2012, 40% of EA programs will be stopped due to poor execution. This presentation explores the future direction and role of enterprise architecture as a professional practice that is both business-appropriate and sustainable.

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