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  Louw Labuschagne, Letsema    

Louw LabushagneLouw Labuschagne is the EA stream lead at Letsema Consulting. He has over 14 years of information management consulting experience in a range of different areas such as Enterprise Architecture, Data Modelling, Relational & Star Schema Database Design and ETL process design.

Louw has been involved in all aspects of information management and has worked in this field both as a subject matter expert and as a project manager.

Prior to consulting in Information Management, Louw was a developer on various enterprise projects and obtained experience using a variety of development tools.

He holds M.Tech. (IT Management) and MBA (Bond University) degrees and is a TOGAF certified Architect.


How to Achieve Real EA Benefits Through a Virtual EA Team
It is not always easy to justify the cost of having a dedicated EA practice within an organisation since the benefits are sometimes difficult to justify to a management group that is focused on finding the next silver bullet. This presentation will walk through an "EA lite" approach that is based on TOGAF. It will demonstrate how to assemble a virtual EA team from within the ICT organisation and how to integrate and direct their activities in such a manner that there is greater synergy and alignment with organisational objectives when executing  the business strategy. The approach will be explained based on a practical case study within the public sector.

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