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  Steve Jump, Telkom    

#Steve has been involved in the design and delivery of complex technology-based solutions around Africa for the past 18 years, and has over fifteen years of practical technology architecture experience. He has been involved in many system deployments in a variety of environments including complex system deployments for both small and large organisations. He has worked in a variety of roles from system administrator to IT executive level allowing him to gain a complete experience of all aspects of the use of technology in business, and specifically of how both people and technology must be used together to ensure success and profit.  An electronic engineer by training, Steve has designed and built systems as small as single chip integrated circuits, and as large as million user internet systems. His early career experiences in advanced system testing has lead him to the conclusion that from smart munitions to enterprise data warehouses if you don’t know what you are doing any button has the potential to “make it go bang!”    He is presently the Senior Specialist for Technology Strategy and Architecture with Telkom SA Ltd, and is actively involved with the design of Telkom’s future technology architectures.



Technology Architecture – Principle & Practice
As part of a comprehensive Enterprise Architecture program the Technology Architecture component is often taken for granted.

This presentation will show that far from being the easy part, a solid understanding of how the Technology layer supports the other Enterprise Architecture layers (or not!) is essential if the remainder of your Enterprise Architecture components are to deliver true business value.

We will cover the basics of why a Technology Architecture is necessary, and discus methods of creating, maintaining and promoting Technology Architecture as a business supporting component within a holistic Enterprise Architecture framework

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