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  Markus Gschwari, Letsema Consulting    

Markus is an Austrian national with more than 10 years working in consultancy in the EU, US and South Africa. He is a management consultant with a strategic change and business transformation background. Markus headed Business Process Management and Organisational Change for Capgemini in Central and Eastern Europe before following his South African wife back "home" and joining Letsema Consulting where he heads up Service Delivery. Markus is a BPM expert and he is one of those rare specimens of a business consultant who understands technology.


Think Strategy? Think Business Process Management
Business Process Management (BPM) is a strategic business transformation tool, which, if used properly, will enable your organisation to become more agile, more customer-focused and to achieve key advantages through distinctive competitive differentiation. The presentation will demonstrate the link between strategic imperatives, a well designed business architecture and the smart use of technology to achieve the information needs at the helm of any organisation. Concrete examples of how competitive advantage was achieved through the front-office/back-office optimisation of the entire process architecture for a major European bank will be presented. The presentation will address the business issues behind the application of Enterprise Architecture. It will draw on actual successful project implementation experience of deploying a BPM framework within the financial services sector to unlock hidden value and increase competitive positioning.

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