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  Grant Faber, Enterprise Architecture Consultant, RealIRM    

Grant FaberGrant comes from a strong technology background, having worked extensively with most major hardware and software vendors and achieving certification in both UNIX and Microsoft technologies. His passion for technology platforms led him to Microsoft’s Support Services, where he worked in the financial, manufacturing and telecoms industries.

Working for a London based consulting firm gave him the opportunity to engage in a number of public sector integration projects. His core focus was on implementing Microsoft’s bleeding edge technology platforms. In South Africa Grant consulted to BEE IT Services organisations, engaging with private and public sector organisations in the delivery and support of technology projects.

A move to IBM saw Grant take on the role of architect, working with public sector customers and partners to shape and drive technology transformation initiatives, as well as helping to establish enterprise architecture governance, frameworks and standards.

Grant recently joined Real iRM, where he works as an Enterprise Architecture Consultant for the Technology Domain; he is schooled in IBM’s architecture methods and is also TOGAF 8 certified.



Technology: Driving Organisational Innovation
Technology, far from its more traditional supporting role to business, can be a catalyst for business transformation and innovation.

Though the provision of dynamic and highly adaptable services, technology frees up the enterprise to be agile and responsive, focusing on its core capabilities and the creation of competitive advantage.

The flip side of this coin is that technology is, by its nature, underpinned by innovation and change. Technology owners are therefore in an excellent position to provide their expertise and understanding of what drives innovation and help shape an organisation’s thinking.

This presentation will examine the business drivers for technology and how those in the technology arena can apply their knowledge and tools. We will look at the frameworks and views used by Technology Architects and how these can be leveraged to greater value by the enterprise.

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