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  Jean Buys, Group Lead, Information Management, De Beers    

#I am the Group Lead Information Management for De Beers Mineral Resource Management.  I provide technical leadership to De Beers operations, and assurance to the De Beers board on matters regarding MRM Information Management.

Prior to 2008 I worked as a business process architect, analyzing, optimizing and modeling numerous business processes throughout the mining pipeline.  Using the enterprise architecture principles, a framework was created for corporate governance to manage various corporate guidelines and procedures.

My career in De Beers started as a software engineer where I architected, developed, and supported the De Beers Marine technical information systems.  These systems form the foundation of the marine mining operations in both South Africa and Namibia.

Prior to my career in De Beers, I worked in the South African Aerospace industry as a system analyst focusing on software systems for a satellite launching vehicle, and also lectured Computer Science at the Cape Technikon



Using a BPM Approach to Corporate Governance
Good corporate governance is a vital component in any large organization.   The different governance components, which make up a robust Corporate Governance framework, need to be clearly defined and communicated.

The relationship between principles, guidelines, policies and procedures are explained and it is shown how these components filter down in the De Beers organization.

This session focuses specifically on how to create effective procedures that fit into the defined framework.  The relationship between procedures and business processes are shown, as are the reasons why you would want to use a business process model to document your procedures.  Details of how to create procedures are described and the various components required in a procedure are discussed.

Once the procedures are in place, a technique is put forward on how an EA approach can be used to keeping track of where procedures are available and where procedures are required.

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