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The Open Group President & CEO, Allen Brown, introduces the conference
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Practical Implementations of SOA for Enterprise Architects
Plenary theme (Monday)

Want to deliver real business value?  Come and hear how to help your organization achieve its business goals through SOA!

This conference will address service-oriented architecture (SOA) from a perspective of how enterprise architects can use the service principle to deliver unified business and technical architectures for their organizations.  Thought leaders and subject matter experts will offer a pragmatic approach for creating service-oriented enterprise architectures. The approach to SOA is based on the practical experience of enterprise architects ‘in the trenches,’ and on the concepts and models abstracted from that experience.  Like TOGAF™, SOA aspires to provide systemized common-sense.

The Open Group sees SOA as a major contributor to realizing its overall vision of Boundaryless Information Flow™. SOA strengthens integration within and between enterprises. It connects the implementation more closely to the design so the decisions of architects can translate more quickly into new system functionality, delivering business agility. The Open Group's SOA Working Group was formed to develop and foster common understanding of SOA in order to facilitate alignment between the business and information technology communities. There will be a focus on open standards and global interoperability within and between enterprises and how standards work to get business benefit.

“Although there has been much hype surrounding the concept of SOA within the IT industry, many of the problems and disillusionments surrounding SOA have been a direct result of service-orientation not being addressed from an architectural perspective,” said Dr. Chris Harding, forum director, SOA Work Group, The Open Group.  “Service principles are not losing ground within the realm of IT as many have reported; rather, they are becoming increasingly important as enterprise architecture evolves to address industry ecosystems and the advent of cloud computing. Despite much being written to address the design and programming aspects of SOA, The Open Group is currently one of the few organizations that addresses the architectural aspects of configuring an enterprise’s business and technical systems to generate direct business value.”

Sponsorship / Exhibiting

Contact sponsorship@opengroup.orgfor more information on sponsoring the gala dinner event or the netwworking reception, or exhibiting at the conference.

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Enterprise Architecture as a Business Enabler
Plenary theme (Tuesday)

The future of true business architecture is dependent upon architects looking at the bigger picture and aligning their efforts with the work of other enterprise architects, IT leaders, and business stakeholders within their organizations.  Speakers will discuss the key business drivers for embracing TOGAF™ -- the definitive framework among enterprise architects for developing information systems architectures.

TOGAF 9 represents an industry consensus framework and method for enterprise architecture and is used by organizations around the world. This conference will look at the development of Version 9, its modular structure, content framework, the added value of certification to architects, and its particular relevance today in real-world applied case-studies.

Attend and Learn
(Tracks on Mon, Tue & Wed )

Choose sessions, tutorials, and case studies from concurrent tracks where you'll find thought leadership across a range of topics and issues that impact your business:

Key topics to be covered include:

  • SOA and Enterprise Architecture
  • Evaluate SOA Features in Business Terms
  • SOA Reference Materials
  • SOA Governance
  • Business Applications and SOA
  • TOGAF™ for SOA
  • TOGAF 9 Tutorial
  • TOGAF Content Framework & Case Studies
  • TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security



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