The Open Group Conference - Rome 2010

Cloud Computing
The Solution to Enterprise Concerns?
Wednesday – all day track [ Under construction ]

The objective of the Cloud Computing track, is to further explore the themes identified by members of The Open Group. The agenda is expected to include presentations that shed light on requirements, challenges, use cases or opportunities for the following topics:

  • Timeliness/Agility: How can Cloud Computing address enterprise concerns about global deployment, interoperability with business or mission partners or lack of flexibility in supporting on-demand composition of business or mission capabilities?
  • Resource Optimization: Can Cloud Computing help ensure that all enterprise resources (people, process, information, and technology) are aligned to deliver business or mission capabilities effectively and efficiently? Can Cloud Computing make it easier optimize resources on-the-fly to meet operational demands?
  • Removing Obstacles to Innovation: Inability to innovate to remain competitive is a pain point for many organizations, often due to the cost or time needed to deploy new infrastructure. Can outsourcing infrastructure to the Cloud enable timely innovation in business?
  • Security, Risk Management and Business Continuity: Can use of Cloud Computing allow enterprise to transfer some of the security burden to the cloud supplier? Can lower operational risks be achieved by outsourcing the management of IT resources and staff? Can economies of scale allow Cloud systems to deliver disaster recovery capabilities affordably and safely to enterprises of all sizes?
  • Compliance: The cost and complexity of adhering to compliance requirements is a drain on resources, particularly where they relate specifically to IT (e.g., in keeping email records). What are the risks, opportunities and tradeoffs in having a Cloud supplier provide support for meeting some compliance requirements for their customers?

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