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Quality of Service Task Force

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Welcome to the Quality of Service (QoS) Taskforce Home Page!

Thank you for your interest in the QoS Taskforce. Have a look around and please contact me Martin Kirk, Director of The QoS Taskforce, for more details.

The Creation of The QOS Taskforce

... came about in response to the demand from Open Group Members for attention to Quality of Service issues from an End-to-End perspective. The QoS Taskforce had its first official meeting in February of 2001, followed by qurterly conferences since then. The Taskforce currently has 27 members and growing.

The Vision of The QoS Taskforce

... is to further a standard approach to the propagation of customer-to-vendor and vendor-to-vendor QoS requirements and measurements in a manner that is quantifiable, observable, and interoperable, and realizes a process for end-to-end Quality of Service assurance which is acceptable to vendors and customers alike.

The Focus of the QoS Task Force

... is complete End-to-End. That is, Quality of Service within operating and embedded systems, within enterprise servers and applications, through local and wide area networks, wire and wireless, to service providers and data centers and back again. The focus is also on evolving the Service Level Agreement, not only as a means to specify requirements and measurements for end-to-end service levels, but also as a means to drive resource and application management in order to dynamically adjust service level provisions in accordance with Service Level Agreements.

The Objectives of The QoS Taskforce

... are to determine, what should be done to make existing QoS standards, service level agreements, and policies more effective, and where standards and policies do not exist, what should be done to create them. Ultimately, we will decide which initiatives (new or existing) will bring us closest to our vision, and then to put our collective resources toward the success of those initiatives. Please see our Roadmap for more details as they evolve.

The Philosophy of The QoS Taskforce

... is based on cooperation and inclusiveness. We believe, in order to achieve true end-to-end QoS, it is essential to establish working relationships with all constituents vested in QoS requirements and solutions; customers (large and small), system vendors, application suppliers, equipment suppliers, system integrators, service providers, wire and wireless carriers, and to establish partnerships with all relevant QoS consortia. It is our intention not to duplicate, but to adopt and adapt where effective standards exist, and to facilitate the creation of standards and interoperability initiatives for Quality of Service where there are none.

Work Areas

QoS Strategy & Standardization
Enterprise QoS & Service Level Agreements
QoS and Real-Time & Embedded Systems
Application Manageability and QoS

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