Public Key Infrastructure

A robust, flexible, standard, and open Public-Key Infra-structure Architecture is critical to the success of secure systems based on Public-Key technology.

The Open Group have begun to work with experts in other organisations, (IETF, CommerceNet, European Commission funded projects, etc.), to define a common architecture for a public key infrastructure. This will make use of existing standards in The Open Group and the IETF for instance, and will identify gaps in the infrastructure that need to be filled. The Open Group also intends to work with other organisations to encourage early commercial implementations and pilot trials.

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Downloadable items below:

1 The Common PKI Architecture draft.
Note that this is a more recent version than the draft stored on the IETF server.
2 Proposal for a co-operative initiative in Europe on the implementation of security standards - submitted by the chair of ICE (Europe)
3 Common Data Security Architecture Release 2.0 version 1.0 submitted to The Open Group for Fast Track Adoption, and including specifications for cryptographic, certificate management, trust policy management and key-recovery services.
Please ensure all comments are copied to
4 The market requirements statement, generated by The Open Group Customer Council in Postscript, or as a Microsoft Word format file.
5 Business Requirements for Key Recovery, - draft 2.1,
submitted by the Key Recovery Alliance for industry review and comment.
Please ensure all comments are copied to
6 Latest proposals for an HMG PKI, A set of documents (in both Postscript and Acrobat PDF), - submitted by the Communications Electronic Security Group (CESG) for review and comment.
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Wherever possible we have identified contact points for further information. If you can't find the information you need, please contact The Open Group at any of of the following locations:

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