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UDEF Forum

Objective of Meeting

An outline strategy for:

  • Making an initial version of the UDEF available
  • Relating it to established coding schemes
  • Extending it
  • Promoting it as a semantic interoperability enabler
had been agreed prior to the meeting. The objective of the meeting was to consolidate and develop this strategy.


Agreement was reached on:

  • Obtaining a baseline version of the UDEF by reviewing the existing draft version
  • Making that version available in XML and RDF/OWL
  • Relating it to established coding schemes
  • Developing a value proposition that will be used to promote the UDEF

Progress was made on defining the procedure for extending the UDEF.

Progress was also made on the architecture for the Global UDEF Registry.


This report is the primary output of the meeting. Detailed minutes will be available to UDEF Forum members and interested parties.

Next Steps

Prior to the Miami conference in July:

  • The value proposition for the UDEF will be developed and published.
  • A baseline version of the UDEF will be produced and made available via the Web in XML and in RDF/OWL.
  • The relation to the UNSPSC, and possibly other coding schemes, will be documented.
  • The definition of the process for extending the UDEF will be completed.

Work will continue in parallel on the Global Registry Architecture.


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