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Developments in SOA

Objective of Meeting

Commitment to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has grown at a rate that is unprecedented even in the fast-moving Information Technology industry. All major vendors now offer service-oriented solutions, and most large organizations are adopting SOA. At the same time, the initially vague concept of SOA is becoming much clearer, and the linkage between business operations and SOA implementation is much better understood. Development is rapid, and IT professionals must keep pace with it to keep their organizations competitive and effective.

The objective of this meeting was to deliver presentations from organizations using SOA, companies providing SOA solutions, and industry experts, on:

  • Business-Driven SOA
  • SOA in Government
  • SOA Modelling
  • SOA Development in The Open Group
in order to help participants to understand the latest trends in the complex evolution of the SOA concept, and to make them aware of SOA activities in The Open Group.


Business-Driven SOA

The meeting received an excellent set of presentations on the connection between SOA and business:

SOA in Government

Ed Harrington, Executive Vice President and COO at Data Access Technologies, gave an introduction to, and George Thomas, Enterprise Chief Architect in the Office of the CIO at the US General Services Administration gave a detailed presentation on an extensive case study showing the use of model-driven SOA in the GSA.

Brand Niemann, of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and chair of the US Federal CIO Council's SOA Community of Practice (SOACoP), gave a presentation on SOA in Government and the SOA Community of Practice.

SOA Modeling

Ali Arsanjani, Chief Architect at IBM's SOA Center of Excellence, and Chair of IBM's SOA and Web Services Community of Practice gave a presentation on SOA Modeling, covering a Services Integration Maturity Model (SIMM), a Reference Architecture, and Service-Oriented Modeling.

SOA Development in The Open Group

Chris Harding, The Open Group Forum Director for SOA and Semantic Interoperability, described the Need for SOA in the context of Boundaryless Information Flow. This was followed by presentations on the three initial Work Areas of The Open Group's SOA Working Group:

Chris Harding concluded the meeting with a presentation on The Open Group's SOA Working Group that summarized its current activities and future plans.


This report is the primary output of the meeting.

Next Steps

The Open Group's SOA Working Group will develop its full work program, on topics identified by the recommendations of its Unique Value team.

There will be an SOA stream in The Open Group's IT Architecture Practitioners Conference in Miami, FL, in the week of July 17th.


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