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Forum Reports

Objective of Meeting

This plenary Forum Reports session provides all attendees to the Conference with the opportunity to hear about the achievements and activities in the Forums of The Open Group, covering the period from the previous Conference (Barcelona, January 23-27, 2006) to the present time.


Martin Kirk introduced (see slides) this meeting session, and a representative from each Forum then presented in 2-3 slides per Forum the highlights of:

  • What happened in the previous Forum meetings in Barcelona, January 2006
  • What has happened between then and this conference in Washington
  • What our expected outcomes are from the meetings in this Washington conference

Reports were presented as follows:

  • Enterprise Management Forum
  • Messaging Forum
  • Identity Management Forum
  • Security Forum
  • Architecture Forum
  • Universal Data Element Framework (UDEF) Forum
  • Grid Enterprise Services Forum
  • Real Time & Embedded Systems Forum

With only 45 minutes scheduled to cover all these reports, each report could only cover the highlights.

Interested attendees are encouraged to follow-up any item(s) of interest with the relevant Forum presenter.


Information on the main activities and achievements of each Forum in The Open Group, covering the January 2006 Conference and up to the start of this April 2006 Conference.

Next Steps

This report is publicly available, so all interested members, attendees, and non-attendees may follow-up any item(s) of interest with The Open Group's relevant Forum Director.


See above.

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