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All Members Meeting

Objective of Meeting

In our Members Councils meetings we invite members from all Forums and Working Groups of The Open Group to share issues and concerns that are common across the Forums and Working Groups.

The agenda in this meeting covered:

  • Working Groups Update
    The Councils are the home for four Working Groups, each of which operates independently under Forum rules. Each Working Group leader will present an update on progress over the past three months and expected developments in the next three months:
    • Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) WG
    • Semantic Interoperability WG
    • Homeland Security WG
  • Election for Member Representatives on the Governing Board
    The two-year term for the current Member Representatives ends in July 2006, so this will be our heads-up for the upcoming  election of member-governors
  • Members Issues and Discussion
    We expect 15-20 minutes will be available for this item. One issue that will be raised is a call for customer-member feedback on the TOGAF requirements process, and on TOGAF tool support.


All the presentations given in this meeting are available here.

Working Groups Update

The following four working groups are currently operating under the umbrella of the Customer Council, pending their respective evolution into Forums in their own right, or in other directions. The Customer Council carries no direct managerial responsibility for these Working Groups but does follow their progress with a view to advising on their evolution.

  • Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) WG
    Chris Harding gave a summary of the progress in this WG. His slides explained they have strong participation - currently 81 members - and the group is consolidating its work areas, including addressing Case Studies, Technical Reference Models and SOA Maturity Models, and SOA and Enterprise Architecture (jointly with the Architecture Forum). A separate meeting report is available here.
  • Semantic Interoperability WG
    Chris Harding gave a summary of the progress in this WG. His slides explained that this WG has attracted a small core of committed activists and they are seeking wider participation. They have an all-day meeting on Thursday of this conference, followed by a tutorial on Friday morning.
  • Homeland Security WG
    On behalf of the HSWG leader Ian Dobson, Chris Greenslade presented Ian's summary report, covering a reminder of the objectives and strategy for achieving these, the target initial membership, a summary problem statement, and progress from inception of the HSWG in October 2005 through to the present. A Seminar hosted by IBM in Sydney in early June 2006 is expected to provide a valuable launch pad towards generating the committed wider participation through all the states in Australia as well as its Central Government, that we aim to achieve.
  • Intelligent Agents
    This fourth WG has not been active since the start of 2006, so no report was offered.

Election for Member Representatives on the Governing Board

The two-year term for the current Member Representatives ends in July 2006, so this presentation gave a heads-up for the upcoming  election of member-governors. There are positions on the Governing Board for one Supplier-member representative and three Customer-member representatives. Chris Greenslade pointed out the leaflet that is available on the role of member-governors (a downloadable document linked from here), and summarized the required commitment, eligibility criteria, and planned election timetable. He noted that as part of this same election activity, the Customer Council and Supplier Council steering committees also aim to arrange election of Chairs and Vice-Chairs for these two Councils, and we encourage Forums to elect representatives to these two Councils, which are part of the governance structure of The Open Group.

Members Issues and Discussion

Thomas Obitz (Infosys) gave a presentation on interest within some of the Architecture Forum membership to get customer-member feedback on their requirements for TOGAF9, and on the value of membership in the Architecture Forum - as viewed by Customer-members and also Supplier-members. Thomas plans to take actions to invite members' feedback on these issues.


Information on the status of the four Customer Council Working Groups, on the plans and schedule for election of member-representatives to the Governing Board, and on the Architecture Forum's desire for member-feedback on requirements and priorities in developing TOGAF9.

Next Steps

Announcement of election and call for nominations for member-governors. Also nominations for election of Chairs for the Customer Council and the Supplier Council.


See above.

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