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SOA Work Group Members' Meeting

Objective of Meeting

The purpose of this meeting was to progress the activities of the SOA Work Group in general, and the following projects in particular:


Work on the SOA/TOGAF Practical Guide is now nearing completion. The current draft was discussed in detail on the Monday of the conference week by a small group, with some participants joining by teleconference.

SOA and Cloud Security is a joint project of the SOA Work Group with the Cloud Work Group and the Security Forum. A well-attended meeting of these bodies on the morning of the Thursday of the conference week, led by project co-chairs Stuart Boardman (Getronics) and Omkhar Arasaratnam (IBM), discussed some outstanding issues and reached consensus on how to progress the project.

The SOA Reference Architecture project team was unable to meet, as some key participants were not present at the conference.


The meetings produced no formal outputs.

Next Steps

A new draft of the SOA/TOGAF Practical Guide will be prepared, and will be subjected to Open Group Company Review prior to publication.

Work on Security for the Cloud and SOA is at a relatively early stage. It will proceed as agreed during the conference.

Work on the Reference Architecture is almost complete. It will be finalized through email and teleconference discussions.


See above.

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