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The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF)
(Members' Meeting)

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the member meeting session was to focus on each of the OTTF committees and work streams and to arrive at a draft set of objectives and milestones for each of the groups.


Andras Szakal presented an overview of the OTTF structure describing in general terms the roles and responsibilities of each committee: Steering, Global Outreach, and Marketing and of each work stream: Trusted Technology Provider Framework, Acquisition, and Standards Harmonization.  There was about 45 minutes devoted to each committee or work stream and through a combination of brainstorming and word-smithing the Forum arrived at a draft set of objectives/strategies, deliverables, and milestones. Each group was encouraged to nominate or self-nominate leads and in some cases co-lead positions for their respective groups.


A slide set was produced that captured the draft objectives, deliverables, and in some cases schedules for each of the groups. Leads for each group were also self-nominated and assigned.

Next Steps

Each of the committees and workstreams will be meeting over the next couple of weeks to revise and further evolve their objectives, deliverables, plans, and schedules and will report back to the Steering Committee on their revisions. Once these have been vetted with and agreed by the SC, it will be the responsibility of each group, under the direction of the Steering Committee, to meet their deliverables in a timely manner and to identify any obstacles to doing so as soon as possible.


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