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ArchiMate Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objective of the meeting was to review the existing roadmap and work products due for completion by the Forum. The meeting was led by Garry Doherty, The Open Group.


Certification Development

Tool, Individual, and Training certification policy documents and conformance requirements had been available for comment on the ArchiMate Plato site. Garry requested approval that these documents be submitted for Company Review. No objections were forthcoming. However, since the meeting was not quorate, we were unable to approve the submission. Therefore, members will have two weeks to object to this approval and if no objections are received in this time, approval will be granted.

IPR Development

The group began to review existing change requests; however, it was clear that an inappropriate cross-section of the membership was present in the room and that we were unable to critique the change requests.

Henry suggested that we take the change requests offline and ask Novay to review the change requests and make recommendations. The group agreed to this suggestion.

An updated roadmap was reviewed and the following suggestions were made:

  • Need to include webinar activity on the roadmap
  • Add development of exam questions to the roadmap


The Forum progressed its roadmap and detailed work products.

Next Steps

    • Garry to include webinar activity on the roadmap.
    • Garry to add development of exam questions to the roadmap.
    • Garry to initiate Company Review for certification and conformance documentation.


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