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Real-Time & Embedded Systems Forum

Objective of Meeting

The objective was to reach consensus that there was a value proposition for this group to develop a high-assurance model based on TOGAF® 9 that could be applied to high-assurance environments in general, and that could be re-used and tailored to fit a particular high-assurance environment, such as a specific real-time and embedded systems environment, or a specific MILS architecture.


Ed Roberts provided an overview on TOGAF to the Platform emphasizing to the group why modeling and tools work is intended to make TOGAF easier to use and more widely adopted – and how creating models that apply to vertical markets and environments could be re-used and easily tailored to fit the needs of a vertical market in general and a specific organization as required (e.g., a model for high-assurance architects.)


There was consensus that moving forward to develop a high-assurance model based on TOGAF 9 was valuable and there were multiple examples of types of models or high-assurance use-cases that would be beneficial.

Next Steps

Gather information from members as to what the taxonomy/ontology of properties and attributes are for real-time systems and high-assurance environments. These will be correlated and discussed at the next meeting.


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