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IT Architecture for the Global Enterprise

This conference will address the key issues and challenges faced today by enterprise and IT architects, and executives overseeing enterprise and IT architecture. Some of the foremost experts will clarify the nature of IT architecture as an emerging profession, and the role of IT architects in the wider enterprise context; and examine the competencies, expertise, and experience that IT Architects need in order to be able to effectively support today's global enterprise.

The Open Group has led the way in the IT industry in launching a global program to certify the skills and experience levels of IT Architects around the world - The Open Group IT Architect Certification program.

The IT architect defines – ‘architects’ – solutions to business problems through the reasoned application of information technology. Those solutions are manifested as architectures and can include systems, applications and process components. They may also involve the application and integration of a broad variety of products, technologies and services, various systems and applications architectures, and diverse hardware and software components.

Like a building architect, much of the IT architect's work is focused on the front end of the solution life-cycle: listening to clients, understanding their business requirements, and systematically forming incrementally more detailed definitions of the structures of an information technology solution – an architecture. The IT architect may also be involved during the construction of a solution as an advocate for the client, as the ultimate authority on the architecture that was produced to address the client's business problem, and to provide technical leadership and guidance to the construction team.

Gateway of India, Mumbai
Gateway of India, Mumbai

Who should attend

  • Enterprise and IT architecture practitioners
  • CIOs and senior management responsible for enterprise and IT architecture oversight
  • Applications and Data Architects
  • Designers and managers of IT infrastructures
  • Systems integrators
  • Procurement professionals responsible for selecting IT products and services


Reception: Monday February 26
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