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The Mobile Management Forum was formed in order to accelerate the integration of mobile applications into any information infrastructure, by bringing together supply and demand side organisations to ensure delivered solutions meet customer requirements in support of the boundaryless information flow of an enterprise.

To put it another way, its goal is to help enterprises to get any data (to which a user is entitled) over any network, to any device, anywhere!

In pursuit of that goal, the Mobile Management Forum has defined the Secure Mobile Architecture (SMA).

The Secure Mobile Architecture potentially meets the requirements identified by the MMF, but it has not yet been validated by practical implementation. That implementation is currently in progress. The MMF is largely dormant while the validation of the Secure Mobile Architecture takes place, although work proceeds on Use of Directories to support Mobile Computing, and on mobile aspects of Identity management.

If you would like to find out more about the Mobile Management Forum and the Secure Mobile Architecture, please contact the MMF Forum Director.



Work Areas

Identity Management
Mobile and Directory Challenge

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