Open Source and Secure eCommerce in the 21st Century

Thursday 30 November 2000, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris


6th November 2000

Dear Colleague,

This is your invitation to attend an essential one-day conference for IT professionals, product suppliers and system integrators to learn the benefits of the CDSA security infrastructure.

Attendees will learn how to reduce the development time of security-enhanced applications, while also increasing their freedom of choice with IT procurements.

Providers of security systems (hardware and software) that manage or interface with cryptographic functions will be presented with an infrastructure that enables easier interoperability and access to a wide range of security services.

Application vendors will find out how to take advantage of an integrated security infrastructure via a single set of APIs to gain access to multiple cryptographic or biometric devices.

There is a rare opportunity to meet and hear world-class experts present the solutions available to help you and your organisation take full advantage of Open Source security software for Secure eCommerce in the 21st Century.

To reserve a place, please complete the details on the reverse of the attached sheet and fax it to the number given. Alternatively, you can register on-line just follow the instructions given at

Yours truly,

Chris Parnell

for The Open Group, Intel Corporation and Groupe Bull