The Open Group Technical Procedures

11 - Interface Adoption Criteria


APPROVED by resolution of the The Open Group Board of Directors, September 1996.

This version contains minor unapproved changes (shown in red, deleted text shown in yellow) to reflect the change from the Technical Managers to the Architecture Board.


  1. Introduction
  2. Applicability of Criteria
  3. Criteria to be Applied
  4. Process Implementation

11.1 Introduction

This procedure describes the criteria of openness which must be considered before any Specification may be adopted by The Open Group as the basis for the development and possible publication of an Open Group Standard or inclusion in the Standards Information Base.

Criteria to be considered include :

Not all of the criteria defined are absolute requirements, but all must be considered before the final decision is taken on adoption of a specification.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Although statements regarding conformance to these criteria must be based on the submitters' good faith claims, it is recognised that some constraints, such as licenses and/or patents, may not be known at the time of submission and The Open Group can provide no immunity from legal action to any company utilising the specifications.

11.2 Applicability of Criteria

In the following sections, the applicability of each criterion is defined as follows :

The specification may not be adopted as a standard unless the criterion is satisfied
A good rationale must be presented if the criterion is not satisfied
Although, ideally, it is desirable that this criterion be satisfied, it is recognised that circumstances may preclude this
This information must be known, before any decision to adopt the standard is taken

11.3 Criteria to be Applied

11.3.1 Legal Criteria

The legal criteria remain based on those established by the X/Open Board of Directors in July 1989 :



11.3.2 Market Need Criterion


11.3.3 Stability Criteria




11.3.4 Implementation Criteria



11.3.5 Future Criteria



11.4 Process Implementation

It is the responsibility of The Open Group Product Manager to ensure that Interface Adoption Criteria are met.

When it is proposed to select a specification as the basis of Open Group work, the Open Group Product Manager shall advise the Architecture Board.

At any stage during the development and/or adoption of the standard, any member of the Architecture Board may ask for a formal report that the Interface Adoption Criteria have been met, in which case, the Open Group Product Manager shall prepare a report demonstrating that all of the defined criteria have been considered, and that all of the required conditions are satisfied.

The report shall be signed off by

  1. The Open Group Product Manager - To confirm that market need, stability, implementation and future criteria have been considered and met.
  2. The Open Group Legal Counsel - To confirm that legal criteria have been met.

Under normal circumstances, a formal report will be requested only when the submitter of a proposed standard is from outside The Open Group, and not from a formal standards development organization or liaison consortium that has comparable acceptance criteria. However, it is the responsibility of all parties in the standards creation and approval process to ensure that the Criteria are satisfied in all Open Group standards. To that end, and to avoid confusion late in the approval process, the Open Group Product Manager shall ensure that all participants in Technical Working Groups or Task Forces, and, where relevant, all participants in Program or Task Groups, have been informed of the details of the Criteria and that these groups evaluate all aspects of their work to ensure the Criteria are met.

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